Getting started

This is a guide for new members of and lets you know a few things about how to get started entering your information. We assume, you have signed up for an account and have logged in using your username and password on the left.

Your Account

Clicking on my account will take you to your main information page. If you click on the edit tab, you will be able to edit the following:

  • Username: The name that is displayed with any information you post
  • Password: You can choose a new password if you want
  • Personal Contact Form: Ticking this allows people to send you an email through a form (your email is not made public). Near the top of the form is another page of information that can be accessed called Artist Information. If you click on this, you will be able to enter in the following optional additonal items:
  • Full Name: Your complete name, if it is different from your user name
  • Country: Which country you are from
  • City: Your city or town
  • Website: Your website URL if you have one
  • Further Information: Any other information you want to share. Hint: Click on enable rich-text to make adding this information easier All this information will be visible under your member profile.


To add some images to the site and to your member profile, click on create content on the left. Then select image. You need to give the title of the image (usually the plant name) and click browse to find the image to upload to the computer. Your image will be automatically resized if it is too big, but please note that images over about 1MB might not be able to be uploaded due to server requirements - a good size is somewhere up to 800 x 800 pixels. Choose a category for your image. You can also add in a description and feel free to link back to your own site if you have one.

Art Classes

If you run art classes, you can add the details to the art classes list. Again, go to add content and choose art class. Remember to add the country and city to help users find your class. (Note: currently offline)

Need further help?

If you need any other help, either add a comment below or you can contact the administrator directly. Thanks.